Wüsthof Classic Deba Knife Review

If you are a housewife, work in a restaurant as a chef or you simply love cooking, you must know the importance of a good and sharp knife. The Wusthof Classic Deba knife is a multipurpose knife which is used for many tasks on daily basis. This knife is 7-inches long and can be used for prepping beef, meat, poultry, and chicken. Not only meat, you can also use the same knife for cutting fruits and vegetable. So it is your one and only knife for any kind of kitchen task. It is most commonly known as all-rounder chef’s knife.

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The most interesting feature of this knife is its rounded shape. The rounded shape of this Deba knife makes it ideal to cut fruits and vegetables with the same knife you cut meat and poultry. The round shape of the knife gives rocking motion while you are cutting anything which offers a very smooth cutting experience to its user. Another factor which makes this knife super famous is its ability to cut fish. Not only does it cut fish but you can easily make professional looking fish fillet with the help of this incredible knife. You can behead whole fish into pieces quite easily and cut through bones without putting any extra effort into it.

This Wüsthof knife is not ideal for cutting through thick bone pieces of meat so it is recommended to be careful while using it. As far as fish, fruits, and vegetable are concerned, it is quite suitable to chop, mince and dice them with this 7-inch Deba knife. The handle of the knife is quite robust and offers non-slip grip to its user. The blade of the knife is versatile and strong for any type of use both in home and professional places. It does not matter if you are not a chef or a professional cook, you still deserve to enjoy your time in the kitchen and have a hassle-free cutting experience with a professional knife like this one.

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The blade used in this professional knife is designed with the help of latest laser technology and exclusive Wüsthof technology which makes its angles equal on both sides. The knife is 20 % sharper than other classic knives and the edge of this elegant knife is twice as long as a normal classic knife. You do not have to worry about the stains on the blade of your knife because it is made up of stain resistant material. The beautiful stainless steel blade of the knife makes it strong and durable at the same time.

The strength level of this knife’s blade is measured as 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale which is pretty impressive for knives of this size. The blade is made extra sharp by using special new edge craftsmanship technology which is commonly known as “sharp and grind technology”. With the help of this modern technology, the amount of steel on the sides of the knife is lessened in order to make its sides even sharper than on the whole of the blade. The beautiful handle of this Deba knife is made with polymer and offers an ideal grip to its user.

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The knife is forged from high carbon steel which makes it stain and corrosion free for many years. There is a lifetime warranty on these knives which you can take advantage at any point in your life. Though there is a lifetime warranty yet it is recommended to take good care of the knife for maximum performance. It is suggested not to wash this Deba knife in a dishwashing machine as the hot water can cause the handle to melt. You can wash it in your sink with warm water and soap and store it in a separate cutlery box to keep it safe. Overall, this knife is worth buying for if you spend most of your time in the kitchen cutting vegetable, fish and other such ingredients.

Wüsthof Classic Deba Knife Review
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