What is the gut hook

What is the gut hook for? We’ll explain it to you!

The gut hook, also called a cutting hook, is a blade shape mainly found on hunting knives. But what exactly is a gut hook? And what is the gut hook for?

What exactly is a Gut Hook or Cutting Hook?

A gut hook is best described as having a “wave” on the blade and a sharp part inside. It is usually semicircular and ground on two sides. The gut hook is one with the rest of the blade. This has the advantage that a gut hook has the same cutting capacity as the cutting edge. Finally, it is made of the same steel with the same heat treatment.

What is a Gut Hook used for?

The gut hook has its origins in hunting knives and is used for gutting game. From cutting the hide to taking out the guts. The hollow shape of the gut hook “behind” the hide and with one smooth motion you open the belly of the animal. Not only does this work quickly and efficiently, but it also prevents you from dulling the primary cut of the knife. A thick hide, like that of a deer, is very tough. A gut hook also prevents you from hitting the guts of the animal. Since the intestines contain many bacteria that promote spoilage, it is imperative to avoid damaging the intestines.

So is a gut hook only relevant for hunters? Absolutely not! A gut hook is ideal for cutting rope, tension bands, and even belts. Some outdoor enthusiasts even use the gut hook as a hook to remove a hot grill or pot from the fire. In short, a gut hook really isn’t just for gutting animals.

Gut Hook or Cutting Hook?

The naming convention varies from brand to brand. If its main function is not to eviscerate animals, it is not called a gut hook, but a cutting hook. On rescue knives, you often see a cutting hook. To rescue yourself or another person from a car in an emergency. Similar cutting hooks can also be found on multitools such as packaging and box openers.

Please note that even a gut hook needs sharpening from time to time. Especially when cutting stiff materials like fur and ropes. Read more about the topic here: How to sharpen a gut hook.

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