VREMI Peacock Stainless Steel 5 Piece Knife Set Review

With Vremi Peacock Stainless Steel Chef’s Essentials 5-Piece knife set, you not only chop like a professional, but also add character to your countertop. They are glamorous and elegant. When you are using them, their blades cut into anything, with great efficiency, and after use, they become the centerpiece of your kitchen. The five knives come with an acrylic knife block, which is used to store them, but it also adds to their beauty. If you are yet to make a decision on buying this piece, the review below can be of much help to you:

Professional cutting experience

The five knives are intelligently designed to make your meal preparation easier and efficient. They feature stainless blades with sharp edges, which will not need resharpening. Each of the knives has a designated task, which makes cooking enjoyable. The knives are optimized to help you make a meal within a short time.

5-piece knife set

The VREMI Peacock Stainless Steel Chef’s Essentials, 5-Piece Knife Set, comes with five specialty knives. They allow you to make a meal as a chef does. There is a knife for just anything from dicing to chopping. The chef’s knife, which is a part of the set, is multipurpose. It can help you to prepare ingredients such as vegetables, just as the recipe stipulates. The knife is even able to mince. Others in the set include a bread knife, paring knife, carving knife, and ultra-purpose utility knife.

Ergonomic and attractive handles

The handles are made with a soft polymer material. The handles are great to hold and do not slip no matter how long you are using the knife. The handle is also attractive and complements the entire knife. The design also enables the user to have a firm grip, to avoid getting hurt.

Act as a decor piece for your countertops

You do not need to create more space in your drawers. The knives come with an acrylic block. The block offers storage for the knives and keeps them away from your little ones. It also provides you with a platform for displaying beautiful and sleek knives. Place them on your countertop, to augment its beauty and to draw attention from any dent in the kitchen to the knife set.

Handwashing only

The VREMI Peacock Stainless Steel Chef’s Essentials 5-Piece Knife Set should not find its way into your dishwasher no matter what. You should wash the set with your hands, ensuring that no oils or stains are left on the gleaming blades. However, make sure that you handle the edges with care, lest you cut yourself. When you are done washing, ensure to dry the knives properly, and then store them in the block. This way, the knives will remain effective for a very long time.

VREMI Peacock Stainless Steel Chef’s Essentials 5-Piece Knife Set is a great cutlery package, for anyone looking for an elegant piece. While it gives you five functioning knives, it also becomes a part of your kitchen decor accessories. Buy yours to enjoy chopping with precision and speedy food preparation.

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