Victorinox 6-Inch Flex Boning Knife Review

Victorinox is a popular knife making company which is known all around the world for the manufacture of army knives. The company cutlery business has been famous since 1884. The knives made by Victorinox are not only considered as good army knife but also as a great kitchen tool. Professional chefs love to have this knife in their kitchens while working. The Vitcorinox 6-inch trimming knife is designed especially to separate meat from bone. You will fall in love with this knife only after you have used it once because of its high-quality performance.

There is no doubt in the fact that there is a huge variety of boning knives available online. There are many cutlery brands who make boning knife but what makes Victorinox 6-inch flex boning knife special is its unique design. The knife is specially designed to separate bone from poultry, fish, and meat with such neatness that you cannot tell this piece of meat was ever part of the bone. The blade of this boning knife is about 6 inches long and it is quite flexible to move through the thick or thin meat. You will not find it hard to separate any thick piece of meat from the bone as this knife will take most of your burden.

The blade of this boning knife by Victorinox is very sharp and it can work through any piece of meat, poultry, and fish without any extra effort put into it. The blade is made up of stainless steel, high carbon which is a good reason behind its sharpness. The conical ground is used to offer wider breakpoint so you can realize the durability of a knife through this. This is a stamped blade which means that you will not find any bolster on that. The stamped blade which is used in this special boning knife is much lighter in weight so you would not feel tired of holding a heavy knife for a longer period of time.

Another reason behind the fame of this professional knife is its reasonable price. So if you are looking for a knife which gives the performance of a professional knife but is as cheap as any other domestic cutlery, this is your ideal buy. The knife is considered ideal in case you want to cut meat into different shapes or make deep holes in it because it can easily go deep into the meat. As far as the handle of the knife is concerned, it is designed in such a beautiful way to offer maximum grip and you will not feel any grease or sweat after working with this knife for longer hours. The Fibrox handle is designed to fit in customer’s hand perfectly and beautifully. The knife is NSF approved so you can use it without any fear of security risk.

The edge style of the blade in this Victorinox 6 inch boning knife is straight. A straight kind of blade edge is designed to cut meat and poultry without shredding and tearing. So with this professional knife, you will get neat cut of the meat with very little effort. The blade is stamped from cold-rolled steel which is an excellent feature for any knife to have. Such knives’ blade can easily be sharpened with knife sharpener whenever you want. The end portion of this knife has a sharp and pointed edge which helps a lot while dealing with different types of bones. You can use this knife at home or at a commercial place for the cutting purpose.

If you are searching for a knife with extraordinary performance, this is your ideal buy. You will feel confident about cutting meat and poultry into a small or large piece as soon as you hold this professional knife in your hand. After using the knife, wash it with running tap water and dry with paper towel. Victorinox knives are safe to wash in dishwashing machine but it is advised to wash them by hand if you want them to stay in excellent condition for a longer time.

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Victorinox  6-Inch Flex Boning Knife with Fibrox Handle