Utopia Kitchen 13-Piece Knife Block Set Review

The Utopia Kitchen 13-Piece Block Knife Set brings versatility in your kitchen. The set gives you an opportunity to use a different knife for various activities. You will get a paring knife, bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, steak knife as well as a Rubberwood knife block. It is made durable but ergonomic to make your work in the kitchen easier and comfortable. When you are contemplating a great gift to give a friend on their wedding day, this Utopia’s knife set will be perfect. But, before you go shopping, make sure you read the review below.

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Stainless steel blades

The knife set feature stainless blades, which are rust resistant. They do not attract stains as well. The stainless steel is also durable, to handle any activity. Besides, it helps the knife to remain sharp over a long time of use. The blade also cuts effortlessly through fruits or vegetables. Furthermore, the stainless steel is easy to clean. The gleaming blades are also a great contrast from the black handle.

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13-pc knife set

The set is composed of 13 knives. Just to mention some of the knives you expect to find in the package, they include a bread knife, paring, carving knife, steak, and paring knives. Actually, the knife set meets all your food preparation needs. Some specialty knives are in duplicate, which makes the set appropriate for use both in homes and in commercial kitchens.

Rubberwood block for easier storage

You do not have to worry about where to store the knives once you buy them. Utopia Kitchens have taken care of that challenge, by including a Rubberwood knife block. Simply clean your knives, when you are done with food preparation, then place them in the block. It will help to keep the knives dry and to ensure that they are in a place where you can find them easily. It also enables you to keep them away from your children.

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Comfortable grip handle

The knife’s handle is made of a softer material, to ensure that it feels soft in your hands. The design of the handle, also make sure that your hands do not slip, when you are working with the knife. One unprecedented mistake, may take your fingers instantly. The handle carries a black color, which adds to the overall style of the knife.

Specialty knives

The beauty with the Utopia Kitchen 13-Piece Knife Block Set is the variety of the knives. It means that you can prepare different ingredients with a varying knife. This prevents cross contamination.

Utopia Kitchen 13-Piece Block Knife Set, is both versatile and cost saving. In one stance, you get around 13 knives for various applications. The set can be a great help to your food preparation. All knives are sharp to cut through foods with ease. Their handles are also comfortable to hold for a long time. How much does it cost? It will cost you a reasonable amount to have this knife set in your kitchen. Why purchase a series of individual knives separately, when you buy a set and save some pennies.

Utopia Kitchen 13-Piece Knife Block Set Review
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