Top 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders 2019

Quality knives can last as long as a lifetime if cared for properly, or only a few short months if not. One of the most common mistakes people make is in storing their cutlery in drawers instead of in a knife block or quality Magnetic Knife Holders. A good holder is both simple to clean and easy to install. The added benefit of visible magnetic options is being able to see the blade lengths without fumbling through drawers risking injury to yourself, not to mention damage to the blades themselves. The options below are the best magnetic knife holders available for 2019:

Ikea Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack

Ikea Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack 602.386.45, 15.75 Inch, Silver

The most popular option I suggest is a very economical solution that works particularly well for multiple large knives and can easily be mounted on any wall or cabinet with drywall screws and included hardware. This Ikea stainless steel magnetic knife rack measures just over 16 inches and is one of the simplest ways to keep your blades within easy reach while out of dangerous drawers. The magnets are incredibly strong, especially considering the affordable price for this 5-star product. Refer to the short video located below for handy installation instructions for this & other wall or cabinet mountable options. Your precious knives deserve to be free from the dreaded drawer!

T&H Products – Magnetic Knife Holder

T&H Products - Magnetic Knife Holder - Storage Strip - Kitchen Knives Bar - Aluminum Rack-16 Inches - Never Rust

Staying organized is very important to me inside and out of the kitchen. Don’t leave knives hanging around your kitchen, which can be dangerous if you have children who are curious. The T&H magnetic knife holder will solve this problem by keeping your knives within reach and very well organized. You’ll love reclaiming the precious counter and cabinet space with this magnetic knife holder, which is another reason to buy it for your kitchen. Some people are concerned about purchasing products that require installation because they think mounting them will be difficult, which is understandable. Luckily, this holder comes with easy to follow and very detailed instructions that allow you to install it in just a few minutes, which is a godsend. There’s also a video linked below for additional help – scroll down to see it. I highly recommend this specific magnetic holder for the consumer on a low budget because this is the cheapest magnetic holder around.

Ouddy 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

Ouddy 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder, Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar, Magnetic Knife Strip, Knife Rack Strip

The Ouddy 16-inch magnetic knife holder is one of the best magnetic knife holders that I’ve tried. It’s a tiny bit more expensive than the others listed here but it is definitely worth the slight extra cost as it’s perfect for knife organization purposes. Also, the kitchen is not the only place you can use it – it could be equally useful in the office, laundry room, or garage to hold any metal objects, so don’t think it’s only for knives. Most people think this and are hugely mistaken about the potential uses. What I love about this particular item is that it comes with a quality and satisfaction guarantee. If you are not convinced that the product is of the highest quality, you are more than welcome to call the company and tell them that you are not satisfied. You will promptly be told to return it for a full refund. I personally think there can be no other way to protect your investment than this because you will be taking absolutely no risk and have so much to gain.

Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

Chicago Cutlery 1063947 14-Inch by 1-1/2-Inch Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

The Chicago Cutlery 14 inch by 1-inch magnetic knife holder is one of my favorite magnetic knife holders because the company is legendary in the industry. Their prices may be a little bit competitive but they make products that are built to last for years which is why it is worth paying the money. In the past, I went the other route and purchased a cheaper item and it ended up breaking after a few months. I got fed up after that and started using the best quality products made by companies with respectable reputations like Chicago Cutlery. This magnetic knife storage strip is one of those quality products and is super easy to install if you follow the specific instructions in the box. I promise you will not need a professional to come to your home. Lastly, this awesome product comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can feel confident that you are getting the best and are protected if you don’t get it.

Norpro 18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

Norpro 18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

I love products that are designed with a modern ergonomic style in mind because I prefer simple minimalist designs. The Norpro 18 inch aluminum magnetic knife bar is one of the products I speak of that are like this. The design is simple and you can use it just about anywhere in your home so you are not restricted to the kitchen like some people think. As long as the object is made of metal. you will have a convenient way to store knives, cutlery and metal tools which a lot of men use in their tool rooms. You can say this magnetic knife bar is multipurpose and applies to just about anything made of metal. You will be a more organized and well put together individual knowing that knowing that you have access easily to your knives anytime you need them. I recommend looking into this magnetic knife holder and I am almost sure you will agree with everything that I am telling you. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime guarantee that will make you feel better about the money you feel you are burning if you ever want to replace your product.

Norpro 12 Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

Norpro 12 Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

Get ready to get organized with one of the cheapest magnetic knife holders on Amazon at the moment. It has been reviewed 600 times and still maintains a very strong 4.8 rating which is very difficult to get because Amazons customers can be very picky. This is one of the only magnetic knife holders that is made of maple wood which gives a very nice touch of class for someone who is into that sort of thing or a bit on the older side. If you are a chef and need access to your knives quickly, the Norpro 12 inch magnetic knife toolbar is the best choice around. The holder can only be hand washed or the color of the wood will fade so please keep this in mind and never stick it in a dishwasher. I prefer putting my magnetic knife holder right above the kitchen sink which makes it easy to grab my special Japanese chef knife and other favorites.

MIU France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

MIU France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar, 20-Inch

The French love to cook and the MIU France stainless steel magnetic knife bar is a 20-inch dream that they love to use. This is one of the easiest magnetic knife holders to install because it is made of stainless steel. The design is very attractive, made of the toughest materials and has a secure magnetic hold. The set inside the box include screws for wall mounting and has a 20-inch bar long enough to hold an entire collection of kitchen knives. I think this knife bar is perfect for people who only desire the best and are willing to pay for it. Lastly, this product also comes with a lifetime warranty that protects your product if it doesn’t work or is defective so your investment is safe meaning no risk for you.

Aluminum Magnetic Knife Holder

Clearance Sale - Ouddy 15 Inch Magnetic Knife Bar, Aluminum Magnetic Knife Holder, Magnetic Knife Strip, Knife Rack Strip

If you love a good clearance sale like I do, then you are in for a treat. The Ouddy 15-inch magnetic knife holders are on sale for 50% off the list price which means you are getting an amazing deal by purchasing this knife holder. Most people don’t know about it yet because they just announced it so I suggest that you purchase it soon and save money before they are all sold out. This is for a limited time only before they sell out and will not be seeing the light of day again. Ouddy makes 4-5 star products and they have a respectable reputation in the knife industry for making quality products so I would definitely trust anything that they put out on the market. Also, you will not have to worry about installation. The knife holder is very easy to use and can be installed in almost minutes. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime guarantee so seize this golden opportunity and purchase this knife holder as soon as possible.

Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder: 18-inches

Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder: 18-inches

If you are looking for a decent product that is very low priced then this is the one you should be looking at. We placed on the top ten list of magnetic knife holders because of its price and its decent 4-star rating. We suggest you hang it where you prepare your food so every single knife is only an arm’s length away which means more efficiency. The magnets you must use to stick it to the wall are powerful industrial quality and holds enough knives as long as your collection is not that large. You should do an inventory count before you purchase this knife holder so you know exactly how many would fit depending on their size. I did this before purchasing mine and realized I had too many knives. Because of this, I went and found a larger one that accommodated my collection. It is important to do your homework before you buy anything that requires a respectable investment or you will regret it later.

Jabowd Professional Magnetic Knife Holder

Jabowd Professional Magnetic Knife Holder - 13.5 inch Lightweight Stainless Steel Design

The last on the list of the best ten magnetic knife holders and magnetic knife strips is the Jabowd professional magnetic knife holder which is also a very affordable, yet durable product. Even if you’re on a budget, you’ll still be able to clear your counters and drawers after installing this knife holder. Based on the 5 star Amazon ratings from thousands of happy customers, you won’t regret the decision. If somehow none of the options above have enticed you to hang your knives within sight, you might be looking instead for the best magnetic knife block to safely store the blades within reach.

Magnetic Knife Holder For The Refrigerator

A lot of people think that the magnetic knife holder is just one-sided magnets for the knife or for your tools but this is incorrect. You can get double sided magnetic knife and tool holders that can be attached to any metal area on either side which is great for when you want your knives to be right there on the refrigerator. We recommend the following double sided magnetic knife holder product.

Double Sided Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder For The Wall

Magnetic knife holders are great and one of the best things about them is you can have your knives right there ready to use whenever you want without fumbling through the drawers to find out where they are. When I was young my dad would nail the wall with a million nails to make sure the knife fits exactly. Well, this way is old fashioned now and what is better is a magnetic knife holder that will fit permanently to the wall without a problem. We suggest for you the following product.

Magnetic Knife Holder For The Wall

Magnetic Knife Holder For The Drawer

Whether you need a wooden or DIY magnetic knife holders the magnetic knife holder for the drawer is the kind no one ever thinks of but they desperately need. Hanging your knives on the wall sounds great but if your in an environment where you need to keep the knives hidden from children it’s best to have them organized in the drawer and the best way to do this is by using a magnetic knife holder. People who do this typically stick them in their boat or yacht to stop the knives rolling around and damaging when the ship is out to sea.

Where To Hang A Magnetic Knife Holder

Finally, let me give you some simple suggestions on where to stick the magnetic knife holders:

  • Above the sink
  • Behind the stove
  • To the side of the stove
  • Underneath cabinets
  • Inside a cabinet door
  • Inside a drawer (better than loose in a drawer 😉 )
  • On the refrigerator
  • Skip the magnets & try a knife block

How To Install A Magnetic Knife Strip

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