The Santoku Knife

The Santoku Knife

Those who have become accustomed to the handling of a Santoku knife often swear by this kitchen helper from the Far East


  • high blade provides space for supporting and cutting material
  • extreme sharpness
  • high precision


  • more frequent regrinding required
  • not rust-proof, therefore sensitive to moisture
  • demanding handling

Unlike European knives, Santoku knives are sharpened in a V-shape. This makes them extremely sharp, but also more difficult to handle. They forgive fewer mistakes and break out more easily. But if you have your Santoku knife under control, you can work extremely precisely with it.
The Santoku knife is an all-rounder, suitable for processing meat, fish, and vegetables. The blade of the Santoku is shorter than a chef’s knife. Characteristic is the blunt back of the blade, which forms a line with the handle. The cutting edge, on the other hand, protrudes far under the handle so that there is enough room for the fingers when cutting or chopping. The blade is less pointed, so onions and garlic cannot be cut as well as with a European chef’s knife. However, the high blade offers enough space to support the finger bones of the leading hand when cutting and thus avoid injuries even when working fast. In addition, the large-surface blade can be used wonderfully to transport cuttings into a pot or bowl.

In addition to the grinding, it is above all the steel used that is responsible for the proverbial sharpness of the Santoku knives. The knives are usually forged from several layers of carbon steel, which are folded into each other. This manufacturing process leads to the characteristic patterns and structures of the Japanese knife blades. But it also makes them more maintenance-intensive because the carbon-rich steel is not stainless and becomes more brittle. The knives are therefore very sensitive to moisture and hard cutting surfaces. They also have to be reground more frequently than European knives. Anyone who does not shy away from this extra work will have a precision tool that can be used all around.
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