Here you find the latest reviews of the best Pocket Knives and EDC Knives

  • LionSteel Thrill Pocket Knife Review
    The LionSteel Thrill stands up to its reputation as a terrifying ride. The LionSteel Thrill is an outstanding example of a cutting-edge modern knife for men. It has a mechanism known as a slipjoint and a handle made from a single block of solid aluminum. This version of…
  • Benchmade Bugout 535BK-2 EDC Review
    The Bugout is a full-function, full-size knife that has been designed to be as light as feasible. It stands out in this way. It has virtually all the performance of a full-size, everyday knife, yet it weighs significantly less than its closest competitors. The Bugout is the best…
  • Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Signature Pocket Knife Review
    The Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight C223PBK FRN CTS-BD1N is a popular modification of the Spyderco Para 3. The Para 3 traces its history all the way back to 2004 to the introduction of the Para Military design. This model is the lightweight variant of the Para 3 model….