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The Best Pan and Skillet in 2023

Which is the best Pan or the best Skillet?

This list consists of frying pans or skillets that have been in our kitchen for years and that have prevailed over other, worse pans:

1. Place: Tefal Jamie Oliver Hard Anodized Premium Series

Tefal Jamie Oliver Hard Anodised Premium Series

If we had to recommend just one pan, it’d be Tefal Jamie Oliver. We recommend the pan because it is very well processed, still lies flat on the stove after years and the coating continues to hold very well (after 5+ years). All in all, we would say: the Tefal Jamie Oliver pan is the best pan. Read our Tefal Jamie Oliver review.

2. Place: De Buyer Mineral B Fry Pan

Best price-performance pan on the market

De Buyer Mineral B Pan

If you want to do without Teflon, we recommend the De Buyer Mineral B Element. If it is seasoned well and has a good patina, you can do everything in the De Buyer, which would normally require a coated pan. For us, the De Buyer Mineral B Element is, therefore, the best iron pan. Read the detailed test for this pan here: De Buyer Mineral B Element review.

3. Place: Schulte-Ufer Profi-Line

Schulte-Ufer Profi-Line

Who looks in professional kitchens, often sees stainless steel pans in use. Although these are not as well suited for eggs, fish, and other delicate foods, but all the better for the quick hot searing. With a little practice, even eggs will succeed in this stainless steel pan. For many years we only use the Schulte-Ufer Profi Line 6451 and are still happy with it. Here is our full review: Schulte-Ufer 6451 I Frying pan Profi-Line

4. Place: Lodge 3 Quart Combo-Cooker

Lodge Combo Cooker

The Lodge Combo Cooker is not actually a pan but consists of a pot and a skillet made of cast iron. But the set doesn’t cost much more than other pans. The workmanship is impeccable and will last a lifetime if handled correctly. The Combo Cooker has many uses (e.g., braising, baking bread or pizza, etc.), which is why we like it so much. Read our full review of the Lodge Combo Cooker.

5. Place: Skeppshult Cast Iron Pan with Wooden Handle

Skeppshult Walnut Handle Fry Pan

Skeppshult stands for high-quality workmanship but also for high prices. And the best example is the Skeppshult Walnut Handle Fry Pan. The pan is very well processed but has a limitation because of its handle: it must not be placed in the oven. But because of the handle, you will not burn your hand with this pan. We can recommend the skillet, even as it is a bit more expensive. It is perfect as a serving pan too because the beautiful wooden handle makes an impression at the table. You can find the detailed review here: Skeppshult iron pan.

6. Place: Cooks Standard Stainless Steel Pan with Dome Lid

Cooks Standard Stainless Steel Dome Lid

The large size of the Cooks Standard Pan makes it a perfect tool for multiple uses. Frying, sautéing, braising, making sauce, and more. The dome lid traps the moisture, so you can even steam in it and circulates the hot air if you need it. The pan has an aluminum core for even and quick heat distribution. We love the design of the riveted handle. It stays cool for a long time, so you can flip your food without burning your hands. The pan works on every heat source including induction.

7. Place: Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Sauté Pan

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Sauté Pan

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic is a very versatile pan with straight sides to maximize capacity. We use it when we want to sear meat or poultry, for example. After a bit, we cover the food to simmer to a perfect finish. Or to reduce the liquid with a bit of red wine to a sauce after removing the meat. The tight-fitting lit will serve you well in many situations.
The pan has an Aluminum encapsulated base that helps with a quick and even heat distribution. We like the solid stainless steel riveted handle. It stays cool on the stove top. A helper handle provides extra support and balance when lifting and pouring sauce, for example. This way you really can make use of the whole pan!

The best Pan – this is how we found the best Pans and Skillets

We have tested all the pans we list ourselves and used them over a longer period of time. We cook daily with the pans and thus have a direct comparison. Furthermore, we are independent of pan manufacturers and write our own opinion 100%. The pans we show on our website are also the pans we like to use. We have not included bad pans that do not meet our criteria.

If you need more information to make a decision, we are here to help. Read our guide to find the best pan and avoid the biggest mistakes.

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