Tefal Jamie Oliver Premium Series Frying Pan

Full Review: Tefal Jamie Oliver Premium Series Frying Pan

If you only want to get one frying pan, you should get the Tefal Jamie Oliver Premium Series frying Pan. We tell you exactly why in our review!

– absorbs heat very quickly
– distributes the heat very evenly
– excellent non-stick coating
– great handling thanks to low weight
– sturdy workmanship
– loses the heat quickly
– the coating will not last forever

We recommend the Tefal Jamie Oliver Premium Series Frying Pan because it fits well in the hand and has a very durable, excellent non-stick coating. Great heat absorbing and distributing makes it easy to work with. So if you’re looking for a durable, coated pan, this is the pan for you.

The Tefal Jamie Oliver Premium Series Frying Pan is one of our absolute favorites when it comes to coated pans. Why? The pan is very well-made, on the other hand, its coating lasts very long.

This is not the cheapest coated pan out there, but you have to be willing to pay for an appropriate pan. Because even the supposedly cheap pans cost a lot of money and are often not up to the demands of daily use. So after a short time, you have to get a new one. A nice way to save money is to get a good one in the first place.

Workmanship and Material

Tefal Jamie Oliver Pan Bottom
The bottom of the pan

The pan consists of several materials. The main part of the skillet is made of stainless steel, which makes the pan robust. The outer bottom is made of magnetic stainless steel so that the pan can easily be used on induction cooking fields. Inside the pan, the bottom is made from aluminum for better heat conduction. This should make the pan heat up more evenly.

Tefal Jamie Oliver Premium Series Frying Pan Handle
Handle attachment

The handle is riveted and holds very well.

The coating is made of PTFE with a centered thermal spot to change the color as soon as the correct frying temperature is reached. The coating was in the delivery state very good and without defects. See “Long-term Test” to learn more about the durability of the coating.


The Tefal Jamie Oliver in the 11 inches/ 28 cm version with 2.7 pounds/ 1.25 kg is very light and easy to handle. And this despite the use of stainless steel. The handle lies well in the hand and does not get hot even when the pan is heated for a long time. The excellent PTFE layer makes cleaning easy. Only at the places where the rivets are, one must clean perhaps somewhat better, because here dirt collects gladly.
The pan can easily be used in the oven, but we do not recommend more than 480° F / 250° C. You should not heat the pan for more than 3 minutes on the empty stove, otherwise, fumes can develop, which are not healthy.

Thermal Properties

In our test on an electric hotplate, it took the Tefal Jamie Oliver 1:44 minutes to reach 212° F / 100° C. The temperature difference between the middle and a point 5 cm further out was 44° F / 7° C. 392° F / 200° C reached the pan after 2:49 minutes and had a heat difference at the edge of 75° F / 24° C. This is not particularly good, but also not particularly bad. Other (uncoated) stainless steel pans like the Profi-Line from Schulte-Ufer are slightly better in their temperature distribution.

Long-term Test

Long Term Test Tefal Jamie Oliver Premium Series Frying Pan

The Tefal Jamie Oliver pan convinced us very easily: after 5 years of almost daily use, nothing sticks. The coating may have a few scratches, but these are not detrimental to the non-stick effect. In addition, the pan was often cleaned in the dishwasher for convenience. This causes the non-stick coating on many inexpensive pans to wear out quickly. But not so with the Tefal Jamie Oliver: The pan roasts and fries without anything sticking to it.
We can honestly recommend it: Take a closer look at the pan now.

Technical Details

  • Diameter : 11 inches / 28 cm
  • Height in centimeters: 1.8 inches / 4.55 cm
  • Maximum temperature: 480° F / 250° C
  • Compatibility: Electric, gas, glass-ceramic and induction cookers
  • Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, TEFAL Prometal Pro non-stick sealant

Material outside: Extra-hard stainless steel
Material inside: 6-layer TEFAL Prometal Pro ® non-stick coating with hard primer and topcoat.
Cooker types: Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction
Form: Grand Chef
Colour: stainless steel
Bottom: Strong aluminum bottom for optimum flat stability, with exclusive Jamie Oliver logo.
Handles: stainless steel handle with silicone coating for non-slip handling and thermal insulation
Rim: pouring rim all around for easy pouring

PTFE is a material used in surgery. The Tefal non-stick coating does not contain PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). The Tefal pans do not contain PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) either in the non-stick coating or in enamel, lead, or cadmium.

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