Skeppshult Traditional Walnut Handle Fry Pan

Full Review: Skeppshult Cast Iron Pan Frying Pan

Full Review: Skeppshult Cast Iron Pan Frying Pan 1

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– Very durable
– Noble look
– Shipped seasoned
– Heavy
– Low rim


The Skeppshult cast iron pan is a design piece and fulfils its tasks perfectly. For everyday use we often opt for other pans such as the De Buyer Mineral B Element or the Lodge Combo Cooker. They are more versatile. But there is probably no better and more suitable pan to present your food to your guests at the table. And the pan will keep it warm for a long time as well. A very good pan, but it also has its price.

Skeppshult Cast Iron Pan Review

Probably the most beautiful pan in our arsenal is the Skeppshult cast iron frying pan with wooden handle. In this test, we take a closer look at the Swedish frying pan.

Material and Workmanship

Skeppshult Review

The pan is made of cast iron in one piece. The handle is made of walnut wood except for the eyelet at the end of the handle. The brand name Skeppshult is burned into the handle. The wood is beautifully polished and the rest of the pan is perfectly finished. It is already seasoned, which saves a lot of work.

Full Review: Skeppshult Cast Iron Pan Frying Pan 2

The bottom is flat when heated and the pan does not wobble a bit.

Handling of the Skeppshult Cast Iron Pan

Like all cast iron pans, the Skeppshult frying pan is not a lightweight. Even the 9.5 inch / 24 cm variant weighs just under 4.4 pound / 2 kg, the 11 inch / 28 cm variant weighs a proud 6.2 pound / 2.8 kg. This makes pivoting and moving the pan a bit difficult. The counter-grip, which is also made of cast iron, helps a bit.

Skeppshult Pan Review

The special feature of the pan, the wooden handle, has advantages and disadvantages. The handle can be used without problems, even if the pan is very hot. But on the other hand, the pan cannot be used in the oven and the pan is also taboo on the grill: the wood would be damaged by the high heat. There are probably also people who wrap the handle in a damp cloth and then put it in the oven, but we do not recommend such experiments. Therefore, the pan should never be seasoned in the oven, if it should ever be necessary! We also find the shape somewhat unfavorable: the edges of the Skeppshult frying pan are not particularly high. If you make food that you have to stir a lot you have to be careful so it does not fall out. This makes the pan more suitable for dishes that do not require a lot of stirring.

Thermal Properties of the Skillet

Skeppshult Cast Iron Pan Review

The pan takes a little longer than the De Buyer Mineral B Element to get to 392° F / 200° and about the same length as the pan of the Lodge Combo-Cookers. It took her 1:54 minutes to reach 212° F / 100° C on the electric hob and 3:14 minutes to reach 392° F / 200°. That’s one of the slowest pans in our test. But that’s not surprising with the masses; The pan scores points in heat storage and looks great when served directly in the food. The heat distribution is also relatively uniform: when the pan in the center reached 212° F / 100° C, it had at a point 2 inch / 5 cm farther out a temperature of 48° F / 9 ° C and at 212° F / 100° C a temperature difference of 38.5° F / 3,6 ° Celsius. That’s very good.

Long-Term Test Skeppshult Cast Iron Frying Pan

The Skeppshult frying pan has been in operation since the beginning of 2020 and we have not yet noticed any defects. However, due to the disadvantages mentioned in the “Handling” section, we use them less frequently than our other frying pans. The pan should be rubbed with oil after frying, especially at the beginning when the patina is not yet so pronounced. Otherwise, rust will form quickly. However, we could not imagine a more beautiful pan for serving: Compliments of the guests are already included in the price.

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Technical Details of the Skeppshult Frying Pan 9.5 inch / 24 cm

Diameter pan bottom7.3 inch / 18,5 cm
Height without handle1.3 inch / 3,3 cm
Height with handle2.8 inch / 7,1 cm
Length with handle18.9 inch / 48 cm
Weight4.4 pound / 2 kg
Bake in ovenNo – has a wood handle
Time to reach 212° F / 100° C1:54 minutes
Time to reach 392° F / 200° C3:14 minutes
Temperature difference middle and 2 inch / 5 cm away48° F / 9 °C at 212° F / 100° C
38.5° F / 3.6 ° C at 392° F / 200° C

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