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Full Review: Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line Frying Pan

If you’re in the market for a Schulte-Ufer Profi-Line Frying pan, read our full review of the Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line here. This pan is very good!

– Very durable
– Excellent heat distribution
– Sturdy workmanship
– Light for the size

– Food sticks quickly when used incorrectly


We recommend the Schulte-Ufer Profi-Line i whenever we are asked for a good stainless steel pan. It is more expensive than other pans, but the workmanship and durability of this pan more than make up for the price. The name “Profi” is rightly given to it, this skillet is used in many of the best restaurant kitchens.

The Schulte-Ufer Profi-Line i is the pan of choice when we want to use a stainless steel pan. This test will tell you why we like the simple pan so much and whether it deserves the name Profi.

Workmanship and Material

Schulte-Ufer 6451 i

The pan is mainly made of stainless steel. Nickel-Free stainless steel is used for the pan body. Therefore, the pan is also suitable for people with a nickel allergy.

Stainless steel is only weakly magnetic, a bottom suitable for induction is used. Stainless steel is not a good heat conductor, a 0.07 inch / 1.7 mm thick copper blank was used in the middle of the pan. This should ensure a more even heat distribution in the pan. This is particularly helpful for gas cookers where the heat source does not emit heat evenly under the bottom of the pan.

Schulte-Ufer Handle

The handle is welded with a rosette and with the pan body itself, which provides very good stability of the grip.

Handling of the Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line Frying pan

Stainless steel pans are not as easy to use as Teflon or burnt-in iron pans. Something quickly sticks to them. However, with a little practice, it is also possible to make fried eggs or pancakes.

Fried Potatoes

The Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line Frying pan is particularly suitable for searing hot. Stainless steel can withstand high temperatures and can be used in the oven without any problems. This makes the pan also suitable for dishes that are sautéed and then ready to cook in the oven. Sometimes we also use the pan to make pizza: it replaces the pizza stone and, in our opinion, makes the pizza even crispier than the brick. The pan can also be used on the grill.

Sometimes it’s not so bad when the food sticks to the pan: by adding liquids such as wine or broth to the pan, you can make a quick, delicious sauce, especially for meat. The handle is a simple tube, but still easy to hold.

The 9.5 inch / 24 cm version with its 2.4 pounds/ 1.1 kg weight can be handled very well. The 11 inches / 28 cm version with 3.3 pounds / 1.5 kg is therefore relatively light for size and material. It can be easily swiveled or held when cooking. The handle is only too hot to touch if it is left on the hob for a very long time.

Thermal Properties of the Pan

In terms of heat distribution, the Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line Frying pan is one of the best pans we have tested. It gets warm very quickly and evenly over the entire bottom of the pan: it took 1:33 minutes to reach 212° F / 100° C on the hob and 2:29 minutes to get to 392° F / 200° C. The heat difference is also impressive: when the center reached 212° F / 100° C, the difference to a point 2 inches / 5 cm further out was only 50° F / 9,6° C. At 392° F / 200° C the difference was only 36° F / 2.5° C.

Long-Term Test Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line

We have been using the Schulte-Ufer Profi-Line i since the middle of 2015 and cannot detect any defects. Once you’ve made friends with the frying properties of stainless steel, you can probably use this pan for a lifetime. Schulte-Ufer also gives a 10-year guarantee on the pan upon registration.

Technical Details Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line

Schulte-Ufer 6451 i Profi-Line9.4 inch / 24 cm11 inch / 28 cm
Diameter pan bottom6.9 inch / 17,5 cm8.5 inch / 21,5 cm
Height without handle5 inch / 2 cm5 inch / 2 cm
Height with handle3.2 inch / 8,2 cm2.2 inch / 5,5 cm
Length with handle17.7 inch / 45 cm19.88 inch / 50,5 cm
Weight2.4 pound / 1,1 kg3.3 pound / 1,5 kg
Bake in ovenYes – up to 464° F / 240° CYes – up to 464° F / 240° C
Time to reach 212° F / 100° C1:3 minutes1:3 minutes
Time to reach 392° F / 200° C2:29 minutes2:29 minutes
Temperature difference middle and 2 inch / 5 cm further out36° F / 2.2° C at 212° F / 100° C and
36° F / 2.5° C at 392° F / 200° C
36° F / 2.2° C at 212° F / 100° C and
36° F / 2.5° C at 392° F / 200° C
Dishwasher safeYesYes
Warranty10 years after registration10 years after registration

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