Pure Komachi 2 Series 8 Inch Chef Knife Review

Are you fond of colors? Do you like vibrant colors in everything, even if it is your cutlery? If you are that person, you would definitely like Pure Komachi 2 Series 8 Inch Chef Knife. This is an 8-inch knife that comes in really beautiful, vibrant, and monochromatic colors to give an attractive look to your cutlery box. This knife is loved by the professional chef as they consider it a true best friend while they are working in the kitchen. It is a multipurpose knife that will perform plenty of tasks for you. You can cut food, mince poultry, meat, and fish, and even chop vegetables very nicely.

Pure Komachi 2 Series 8

The blade of this knife is wide as well as sharp. The material used to make the blade is stainless steel, so it is not only powerful but long-lasting as well. Once you have got hands-on with this Fuchsia knife, you will not need to buy any other knife for a really long time. The best thing for which knife is given preference over any other professional knife is its reasonable price. It is available at such a low price that people cannot say no to this purchase. Its unique, beautiful color is another feature that draws attention.
All knives designed by Pure Komachi 2 series come in beautiful vibrant colors, and they have used a different color for every knife which serves a different purpose. So if you have one cheese knife, one bread knife, and one Fuchsia knife, you can always choose the right knife for the right job by just looking at its color. This way you will prevent the cross-contaminating food issue which is a problem of many kitchens for a very long time. So you no longer have to worry which blade is used for cutting meat and which one is for making a salad. Another worth telling feature of this Fuchsia knife is its lightweight, so you can work with it for a longer time without hurting your hand.

The handle of this lovely knife is designed in such a way to offer maximum grip, and they are designed to keep customers’ comfort in mind. You can enjoy the sharpness of the blade only when you will use it, but if you have already used any blade of high carbon stainless steel, you can understand its worth. Though the knife is meant to stay in good condition for a really long time yet if you want to make that sure, it is recommended to always wash it with hands and dry it with a paper towel before storing it. It is advised not to wash this knife in the dishwashing machine because hot water can cause the handle to melt or bend.

As the blade of this Pure Komachi 2 series knife is colored, it is better if you do not cut any frozen food with it as it can damage the color coating. It is also recommended not to clean the blade with gritty cleansers and scouring pads. The length of the blade is around 8 inches and the handle is made up of molded resin. The handle is moisture resistant, so it will not make your hands sweaty, thus offering an ideal grip. The Pure Komachi 2 series knife comes with a matching sheath that offers perfect storage to all its users. The non-stick coating on the blade is ideal for cutting the food easily, and you will experience ideal cutting.

This Fuchsia knife definitely adds color to your kitchen, especially the cutlery box. If you are planning to gift someone a cutlery gift, nothing could be better than this lovely and colorful multipurpose knife. If after some months, you feel the need to sharpen the knife, simply use AccuSharp knife sharpener and your blade will be as good as new. This knife is manufactured in China and can be used for all cutting, chopping, and mincing purposes at homes and in restaurants by professional chefs.

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