Top 10 Best Oyster Knife & Shucking Knives 2020

What is an Oyster Knife and why do you need oneThe Oyster Knife is a special type of knife to pry open oysters and separate their meat from the shell. This is also called shucking and the knife is sometimes called an Oyster Shucking Knife.It has a short, thick blade and usually a thick and […]

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knife holders

Top 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders 2020

The Magnetic Knife Holder or Magnetic Knife Bar or Magnetic Knife Strips or Magnetic Knife Rack Strips might have many different names but only one purpose. To hold your knife save in place wherever you mount it. We present to you the 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders on this page! What you find on this […]

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Bob Kramer 10 Stainless Damascus Chef's Knife

Top 10 Best Bob Kramer Knives 2019

Original Bob Kramer Knives are legendary works of art but priced in the $1000’s for unique, hand-made works of beauty and function. Even at those prices, they’re not able to be directly ordered without time on a waiting list. Luckily, there are more options readily available from other sources and also at more reasonable prices. […]

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Top 10 Best Grapefruit Knives 2020

There are better knives for your citrus fruits! If you ever used a Paring Knife to cut you grapefruits for breakfast you know the mess you made. But you should not give up to easy. Give the Best Grapefruit Knives a chance. If you wonder what the best knife for cutting grapefruits is – take […]

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Top 10 Best Beginner Knife Sets 2020

You really need a Chef Knife If you move out or start to study in a new city you face the same problem. You have to start from scratch with everything in the kitchen. Or you want to upgrade the old and dull knives that you collect over the years in the drawer to something […]

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J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 19-piece Knife Set with Cherry Block

Top 10 Best High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Sets 2020

What is a high carbon stainless steel knife Confusing – there are high carbon stainless steel knives sets and high carbon steel knives sets. What is the difference? As far as good kitchen knives go high carbon steel is the best knife blade material for me. It is nearly indestructible and easy to sharp with […]

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Cuisinart C77TR-3P Triple Rivet Collection 3-Piece Knife Set

Top 10 Best Cuisinart Knives Review 2020

Before we get to our Cuisinart Knives Review some history of the company for you. Carl Sontheimer and his wife saw a demonstration of a restaurant food preparation machine in France when in the summer holiday. They were convinced they can adapt this technology to a useful home appliance for Americans. The founded Cuisinart soon […]

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Top 10 Best 6 Inch Kitchen Knives 2020

The 6 Inch Kitchen Knife is also called a Utility knife. Some people like to call them sandwich knives because they work well on almost everything that goes into a sandwich. From thin-skinned vegetables such as tomatoes and onions to meats and cheeses. The 6-inch knife is perfect for a multitude of small tasks where […]

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