HIC Squirtfree Grapefruit Sectioning Knife Review

If you are tired of using knives with one blade, then what do you think about trying a twin-blade knife? The HIC Squirtfree Grapefruit Sectioning Knife is a twin-blade knife that is considered ideal for the sectioning of grapefruit. If you love eating grapefruits, this is a must-buy for you, as this knife offers you a squirt-free experience. Anyone who enjoys eating grapefruit understands how tough at times it is to eat this delicious fruit without creating a mess. This twin blade knife has definitely made lives easier for grapefruit lovers.

HIC Squirtfree Serrated Twin-Blade Grapefruit Sectioning Knife

The HIC squirt-free grapefruit knife has a handle made up of natural wood in between two blades. Each blade is about 0.5 inches long, and it is curved in shape to make the task easy for you. The blade on one side of the knife is serrated, while the blade on the opposite side is plain. So you can use either side according to your comfort and facility. It does not matter if it is pink grapefruit, red grapefruit, or white grapefruit, you can easily prepare and eat it without any trouble with the help of this squirt-free twin-blade knife. This grapefruit sectioning knife is definitely a great addition to your kitchen cutlery.

If you have good grapefruits available in your area, but you always hesitated to bring them home because of all the hassle needed to eat them, you must not think any further. With this HIC squirt-free grapefruit twin-blade knife, you can try all those different recipes which involve grapefruit. The HIC Squirtfree Grapefruit Sectioning Knife is specially designed to section grapefruit with less mess and no stickiness on your hands. With the use of this professional knife, you can easily separate grapefruit from its rind. First, you will have to cut grapefruit into two pieces and then take either side of the twin blades of the HIC knife and place it on any side of the membrane. With an easy movement, you will be able to separate the membrane from the flesh. After that, you must use the curved blade of your knife to free the grapefruit from the rind.

If you are thinking that you can perform the same operation with a simple kitchen knife, you can go ahead and try. This squirt-free knife is specially designed to section grapefruit, and the performance it can offer cannot be expected from any other knife. Once you have used this knife, you can wash it under warm running water in your sink and use any dishwashing soap or liquid to clean any sticky material. It is recommended not to wash this knife in a dishwashing machine under any circumstances as it can badly affect the functionality of this tool. If you take good care of this knife, you can enjoy its usage for a really long time and cut grapefruit without squirting juice in your eyes.

You must store this specially designed double-blade knife in a special knife box and do not mix it with your other cutlery as it can accidentally hurt your hand. Enjoy those delicious grapefruit recipes without irritating yourself in the process of sectioning grapefruit. The HIC Squirtfree Grapefruit Sectioning Knife will do most of the task for you, and you are ready to try those grapefruit smoothies and cakes you always dreamed of. Another great feature of this knife is its being lightweight, as it weighs only 1.6 ounces. As far as the price of this product is concerned, it is extremely reasonable, which makes it even worth buying. You can not only make it a part of your cutlery collection, but you can also gift it to your friends and mother who love eating grapefruits.
It is recommended to always dry the blades immediately after you have washed them in order to avoid any stains or watermarks on them.

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