Farberware Classic Color 6-Piece Non-Stick Knife Set Review

The Farberware Classic Color Series 6-Piece Non-Stick Resin Knife Set is not only utilitarian but also beautiful. The set contains six knives, each carrying its own color. They add character to your kitchen. But, that is not all; they come in handy when you are doing color-coding. You can avoid using mixing up knives for different ingredients. The set is beautifully packaged, which makes it a worthy gift for a friend or a colleague. Here are some of its features in detail:

6-Piece Colored Knives

If you love the color, this knife set comes in a variety of hues. There are six knives in the set and each has a color of its own. The entire set contains of knives of high quality. You can use a different knife for various foods. With the colored knives, you can avoid using the knife you used for the steak to prepare the salad. In the pack, there is a 3.5” paring knife, 5.5” utility knife and 8” chef’s knife. The set also includes three blade covers, which is a bonus. The blade covers are for protecting the knives, when they are not in use. Another thing, since the knife set does not come with a block, the covers are a safety feature.

Tough Stainless Steel Blades

The knives have stainless steel blades, which ensure their durability, regardless of what you are handling. The stainless steel material also helps to keep off rust and stains. It ensures that the knives do not hold blemishes, and they clean easily. The blades are strong to cut through different ingredients with much control. In turn, they produce a clean cut.

Non-Stick Surface

The surface of the blades are covered with resin, to make sure that food does not stick on it. This helps when one is cutting ingredients that need to be prepared with much precision. Besides, it allows you to work on food items faster and with much efficiency. Furthermore, the non-stick surface enables you to clean the knives easily.

Handwashing Recommended

In a world where everything has been automated and machines have taken over, you may think, that it will be easier to place your Farberware Classic Color Series 6-Piece Non-Stick Resin Knife set, in the dishwasher. However, it is best to handwash it, if you want the set to last long. It is also a safety measure. You only have to use warm water and little amount of detergent on the knives. They will be clean within no time. Then, dry and store them safely.

The Farberware Classic Color Series 6-Piece Non-Stick Resin Knife Set is an affordable piece. You can make it a part of your kitchen cutlery and improve your art in food preparation. The knives are in different colors, to make sure you do mix them up. The blades and the handles are also highly optimized for safe handling and efficiency. What more could you be looking for? This colorful set will save you money and enhance your experience when you are preparing meals.

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