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Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter Review

Cold Steel Master Hunter
Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter Review 1

The heart of any knife enthusiast or outdoor enthusiast will certainly beat faster if you give him a Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter knife. Admittedly, the appearance is rather simple. But at the end of the day, a knife is all about functionality!

In this review, I would like to share my experiences with the Cold Steel Master Hunter knife with you. The knife is equipped with everything the outdoor/hunting enthusiast is looking for: a drop-point blade with flat grinding, a decent blade length and a full 5 mm / 0,5-inch thickness.

You know what you have, don’t you? So much should be anticipated; the knife does a decent job!

Let’s start with the technical data:

  • Blade material: American CPM3-V High Carbon Steel with Stonewash finish
  • Total length: approx. 23.5 cm / 9 1/4″
  • Blade length: approx. 11.4 cm / 4 1/2″
  • Blade thickness: approx. 5 mm / 0,5″
  • Handle: approx. 12.1 cm / 4 3/4″ Long Kray-Ex™
  • Weight: approx. 170 g / 6.4 oz
  • Incl. Tek-Lok compatible Secure-Ex® Sheath

Handle and ergonomics Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter

The handle of the knife fits snugly and well in my hand. I wear gloves in size 9.5 and already the first touch shows The strength of the handle material Kray-Ex™ sticks almost in the hand. Especially now in autumn when the fingers are wet, the knife stays where it should stay.

The tang is hidden and completely enclosed by the material. Here I see a small disadvantage if the end of the handle should serve as a hammer replacement. The transitions to the blade are clean and glued without a gap. This is especially important when hunting game or when preparing food to keep the cleaning and maintenance effort low. At the end of the handle, there is a sufficiently large hollow rivet (lanyard eye), through which a piece of paracord can easily be passed.

The Kray-Ex material is hard enough to work sensitively. Nevertheless, the shock is well absorbed during rough work. Fingerguard and tapered handle make fatigue-free working possible.

The Cold Steel hunting knife does not have a finger choil. So, unfortunately, no anticipation is possible. A so-called jimping on the back of the blade is also missing. Which doesn’t bother me personally?

Making feather sticks, fan out wood, make fire, build a camp, batoning work flawlessly. Also peeling an apple is no problem. Due to the blade thickness, it is certainly not made for finer work. For such tasks, you need a blade.

If you chop larger branches, you will notice that the light knife is very well grip-balanced. Here you should definitely work with a lanyard on the handle.

The Blade of the Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter

The Cold Steel hunting knife has a good sharpness out of the box. And the blade held the sharpness for quite a long time. Usually, you do not use outdoor knives to shave so you can not really compare. A friend of mine sharpened his Master Hunter to cut his hair from his arm. The CPM 3-V steel is very tough. If the knife has to be used for rough work, it does it without any problems. Due to the Stonewash finish, the blade is not covered with a coating.

The re-sharpening shows the robustness of the CPM 3V. It takes a while to get the blade sharp again. The blade has a low carbon content and will not rust easy but is not rustproof!

Due to the drop point shape, the blade has a good belly. Which is an important aspect when hunting game, when gutting and cutting!

There are no sharp edges, which basically speaks for proper processing. However, fire steel is difficult to use. Even if you don’t want to stroke with the cutting edge over the fire steel. Peeling and debarking of wood are, of course, more difficult.

Design and Appearance of the Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter

In a nutshell – this knife is not a beauty. But this is not uncommon with Cold Steel knives.

I would call it simple, clear and plain. A bit tactical perhaps!
Well, I guess you have your own opinion about it.

Safety of the Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter

The great grip material and the finger guard make safe working with the knife possible. Sliding with your hand onto the blade is almost impossible.

The hunting knife is supplied in a plastic sheath made of Secure-Ex®. Easy to assemble from left to right so that the knife is wonderful for right- and left-handers to use. A large Cordura belt loop with press stud allows a lightning-fast putting on and taking off.

The sheath is Tek Lok™ compatible, so the mounting possibilities on trousers or backpack are really manifold.

The knife sits very tightly and securely in the sheath so that you have to use a little force when you want to pull the knife. But you can be sure that you won’t lose it easily.


The Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter is fun. The CPM 3-V steel is robust and well-chosen for this type of knife. Personally, I would tend towards carbon steels and Scandi grinding, especially in the outdoor bushcraft sector. But with the flat grinding of Master Hunter, you are well prepared!

The Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter Knife handles all outdoor tasks with ease. The Cold Steel Master Hunter doesn’t have to hide when building a camp, making a fire or preparing food.

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Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife Review

The Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS Linerlock knife is your perfect everyday knife!
Smith & Wesson is one of the most renowned companies in the world. They are known for the manufacture of safety and protection tools and weapons. If you want reassurance about their weapons good quality, you must know that most of the police departments in the United States of America buy weapons and firearms from Smith & Wesson. The manufacturing industry is a modern combination of safety and technology so they always come up with such weaponry accessories which are unique.

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife with 2nd Generation MAGIC Assisted Open and 40% Serrated Drop Point Blade

The Linerlock knife by Smith & Wesson is their 2nd generation of technology-assisted cutlery. Calling this knife cutlery might not be justified because it is way more than just a kitchen knife. The SWMP4LS is more of a pocket knife which people tend to use as their self-protection and safety. The knife is a very good example of 2nd generation M.A.G.I.C (Multipurpose Assisted Generational Innovative Cutlery) assisted opening technology.

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife Review 2

To understand the usefulness of this knife, you need to know more about M.A.G.I.C assisted opening technology. These are usually folding knives which are easy to be kept in pocket or purse to be used later for safety reason or even to cut an apple. These knives use an internal mechanism in order to open the blade portion of the knife with the push of a user’s hand on a special button on the handle of the knife.

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife Review 3

There is a huge variety of this M.A.G.I.C assisted opening knives by Smith & Wesson and every knife is differentiated by a special part number. The SWMP4LS knife weighs only 7.5 ounces which makes it pretty easy to be kept in your pocket or in your handbag without making it uncomfortably heavy. It comes in dark black color. Not only is the handle of the knife but also its blade’s dark black color which makes it look like a very sturdy weapon to have. The black color of its blade does not mean it is not made of pure stainless steel.

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife Review 4

The edge of the blade in this Linerlock knife is plain and partially serrated. You will find it sharper than any knife you ever had. Also, it is 3.6 inches wide which is a pretty standard size for any pocket knife. The handle is made up of aluminum which is quite strong and offers good non-slipping grip to its user. The knife looks as strong as a rock and will open with a slight push on the spring-assisted button on one of its sides. You do not have to struggle with the button to open it because it is quite smooth and the blade will be out and ready to be used in only a few microseconds. When you have closed the knife in the folding position, the handle will keep the blade in the same position with the help of torsion spring and an additional blade lock. So you do not have to worry about the knife to be opened accidentally while in your pocket or handbag.

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife Review 5

This knife is considered as an ideal glass breaker tool. People like EMTs, Patrolmen and even civilians all find it suitable to use this knife not only for protection but also for regular daily life use. Not only for safety, if you want something in your pocket or handbag while you are going out for hiking or you are leaving for a few day trekking, but this tool will also be your best friend. You may need to cut any unnecessary woods in your way or you may need to cut down ropes while camping. This knife can also be used as a good cutlery tool while you are out of your home. It will help you cut meat, beef if you decide to have a BBQ.
As far as Smith & Wesson liner lock knife warranty is concerned, the product is warranted for a lifetime of the customer. Though the damage caused by misuse is not covered it can last a lifetime if taken good care by the customer.

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife




A good everyday knife for this price

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Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Knife Block Set Review

The Chicago Cutlery Belmont Set is a 16-Piece Knife block set, you will love to have at your countertop. The knives are made strong with a black design and a black color, to suit a modern kitchen. With the 16 knives, you can make your food preparation much easier. Actually, you will have a knife for every task in the kitchen. You can use a knife for each ingredient you are preparing, from cutting carrots to cutting steak into small pieces. The knives are sharp to cut through with ease and with unmatched precision. Let’s examine some of its features.

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Knife Block Set Review 6

16 Piece Knife Set

  • 7.75-inch Chef Knife
  • 8-inch Bread Knife
  • 5-inch Utility Knife
  • 3.5-inch Paring Knife
  • 3-inch Peeler Knife
  • 8 x 4.5-inch Steak Knives
  • Sheers
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Espresso Wood Block

The beauty of the Chicago Cutlery Belmont knife set is its 16 knives. They are diverse in features depending on different applications. You will find one for cutting through a loaf of bread another that cuts steak instantly and another one for cutting cheese among others. You will find them useful when you are making a meal with your daughter or with a friend.

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Knife Block Set Review 7

Taper Grind Edge

All the knives feature tapered edges, which enables it to cut easily into any item. Besides, the taper grind edge prevents the knife from going blunt. Hence, it stays sharp no matter what you throw at it. With this knife set, you will not need to sharpen it frequently. As long as, you take good care of the knives, they will remain efficient throughout. The edges are sharp and you will have to be cautious when you are using them.

Metal construction for Durability

The blade is designed in a block style. This not only offers durability but it also ensures that the knife remains in balance, no matter what it is working on. Furthermore, it gives you full control and prevents the knife from exiting the surface you are cutting before you are done. It can be dangerous. That is why, the block design on Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set, is a bonus.

Stainless Steel Blades

The blades are made of stainless material. Hence, the knives blades remain lustrous throughout their lifespan, if you take care of them. The knives do not rust as well. They clean easily too. Therefore, the set is a great choice for commercial as well as residential kitchens.

Polymer Handles

All the knives have polymer handles, to enable comfortable handling. The handle is also safe to use and it balances well with the strong blade. The handles hold a dark color and an attractive design too. While the handles are soft to touch, they are also durable enough to resist pressure applied to them. The polymer is also of high quality and does not crack or flake after some time.

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Knife Block Set




The Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set has been designed to suit the needs of a contemporary kitchen. With the 16 knives, you can handle all activities with a separate knife. The set is durable, efficient and built to last. If you want to add to your kitchen knives, this knife set will fit just fine. A steal for this price!


We tested a few more Chicago Cutlery Knife Sets!

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Wüsthof Classic Deba Knife Review

If you are a housewife, work in a restaurant as a chef or you simply love cooking, you must know the importance of a good and sharp knife. The Wusthof Classic Deba knife is a multipurpose knife which is used for many tasks on daily basis. This knife is 7-inches long and can be used for prepping beef, meat, poultry, and chicken. Not only meat, you can also use the same knife for cutting fruits and vegetable. So it is your one and only knife for any kind of kitchen task. It is most commonly known as all-rounder chef’s knife.

Wusthof Classic Deba Knife, 7

The most interesting feature of this knife is its rounded shape. The rounded shape of this Deba knife makes it ideal to cut fruits and vegetables with the same knife you cut meat and poultry. The round shape of the knife gives rocking motion while you are cutting anything which offers a very smooth cutting experience to its user. Another factor which makes this knife super famous is its ability to cut fish. Not only does it cut fish but you can easily make professional looking fish fillet with the help of this incredible knife. You can behead whole fish into pieces quite easily and cut through bones without putting any extra effort into it.

This Wüsthof knife is not ideal for cutting through thick bone pieces of meat so it is recommended to be careful while using it. As far as fish, fruits, and vegetable are concerned, it is quite suitable to chop, mince and dice them with this 7-inch Deba knife. The handle of the knife is quite robust and offers non-slip grip to its user. The blade of the knife is versatile and strong for any type of use both in home and professional places. It does not matter if you are not a chef or a professional cook, you still deserve to enjoy your time in the kitchen and have a hassle-free cutting experience with a professional knife like this one.

Wüsthof Classic Deba Knife Review 8

The blade used in this professional knife is designed with the help of latest laser technology and exclusive Wüsthof technology which makes its angles equal on both sides. The knife is 20 % sharper than other classic knives and the edge of this elegant knife is twice as long as a normal classic knife. You do not have to worry about the stains on the blade of your knife because it is made up of stain resistant material. The beautiful stainless steel blade of the knife makes it strong and durable at the same time.

The strength level of this knife’s blade is measured as 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale which is pretty impressive for knives of this size. The blade is made extra sharp by using special new edge craftsmanship technology which is commonly known as “sharp and grind technology”. With the help of this modern technology, the amount of steel on the sides of the knife is lessened in order to make its sides even sharper than on the whole of the blade. The beautiful handle of this Deba knife is made with polymer and offers an ideal grip to its user.

Wüsthof Classic Deba Knife Review 9

The knife is forged from high carbon steel which makes it stain and corrosion free for many years. There is a lifetime warranty on these knives which you can take advantage at any point in your life. Though there is a lifetime warranty yet it is recommended to take good care of the knife for maximum performance. It is suggested not to wash this Deba knife in a dishwashing machine as the hot water can cause the handle to melt. You can wash it in your sink with warm water and soap and store it in a separate cutlery box to keep it safe. Overall, this knife is worth buying for if you spend most of your time in the kitchen cutting vegetable, fish and other such ingredients.

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Pure Komachi 2 Series 8 Inch Chef Knife Review

Are you fond of colors? Do you like vibrant colors in everything even if it is your cutlery? If you are that person, you would definitely like Pure Komachi 2 series knife. This is an 8-inch knife which comes in really beautiful, vibrant and monochromatic colors to give an attractive look to your cutlery box. This knife is loved by the professional chef as they consider it a true best friend while they are working in the kitchen. It is a multi-purpose knife which will perform plenty of tasks for you. You can cut food, mince poultry, meat, and fish and even chop vegetable very nicely.

Pure Komachi 2 Series 8

The blade of this knife is wide as well as sharp. The material used to make the blade is stainless steel so it is not only powerful but long lasting as well. Once you have got hands on this Fuchsia knife, you will not need to buy any other knife for a really long time. The best thing for which knife is given preference over any other professional knife is its reasonable price. It is available on such a low price that people cannot say no to this purchase. Its unique beautiful color is another feature which catches customer’s attention.
All knives designed by Pure Komachi 2 series come in beautiful vibrant colors and they have used a different color for every knife which serves a different purpose. So if you have one cheese knife, one bread knife and one Fuchsia knife, you can always choose the right knife for the right job by just looking at its color. This way you will prevent the cross-contaminating food issue which is a problem of many kitchens for a very long time. So you no longer have to worry which blade is used for cutting meat and which one is for making a salad. Another worth telling feature of this Fuchsia knife is its lightweight so you can work with it for a longer time without hurting your hand.

The handle of this lovely knife is designed in such a way to offer maximum grip and they are designed to keep customer’s comfort in mind. You can enjoy sharpness of the blade only when you will use it but if you have already used any blade of high carbon stainless steel, you can understand its worth. Though the knife is meant to stay in good condition for a really long time yet if you want to make that sure, it is recommended to always wash it with hands and dry it with a paper towel before storing. It is advised not to wash this knife in dishwashing machine because hot water can cause the handle to melt or bend.

As the blade of this Pure Komachi 2 series knife is colored, it is better if you do not cut any frozen food with it as it can damage the color coating. It is also recommended not to clean the blade with gritty cleansers and scouring pads. The length of the blade is around 8 inches and handle is made up of molded resin. The handle is moisture resistant so it will not make your hands sweaty thus offering ideal grip. The Pure Komachi 2 series knife comes with a matching sheath which offers perfect storage to all its users. The non-stick coating on the blade is ideal for cutting the food easily and you will experience ideal cutting.

This Fuchsia knife definitely adds color to your kitchen especially cutlery box. If you are planning to gift someone a cutlery gift, nothing could be better than this lovely and colorful multi-purpose knife. If after some months, you feel the need to sharpen the knife, simply use AccuSharp knife sharpener and your blade will be as good as new. This knife is manufactured in China and can be used for several cutting, chopping and mincing purposes at homes and in restaurants by professional chefs.

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Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer Review

The Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer is one wonderful device – a must have in the kitchen. It is especially loved by vegetable and fruit lovers because it helps them make their lives easier. The 4 blade spiralizer is very efficient and offers the maximum performance with little effort. Usually, all other spiralizers suits only a right-handed person and a left-handed person would feel uncomfortable operating this. But Muller spiralizer is ideal both for left and right handed man and woman. The turning handle of the 8-in-1 spiral slicer is at the top of the machine which makes it quite easy to work with.

Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer, 8 in 1 Spiral Slicer, Heavy Duty Vegetable Pasta Maker and Mandoline Slicer for Low Carb/Paleo/Gluten-Free Meals

What people usually do not like about such spiral slicers is their awkward movement from one side to another when they spiral the handle. The reason behind this sideways movement is the spiral machine being lightweight. The problem has been solved with Müeller ultra 4 blade spiralizer. The bottom of this machine is quite heavy so it will not allow the machine to move from one side to another while you are spiraling the handle. Fancy making Chinese cuisine? You would need vegetables cut very nicely, Müeller spiralizer will be your best friend in cases like that. You can put any vegetable or fruit in the machine and get neat spirals within a few minutes.

Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer Review 10

Do not worry about cleaning this 8-in-1 spiral slicer because it can easily be rinsed with running tap water in your kitchen. Just leave all the parts of the machine in the basin under running water and all the residue of fruits and vegetables will wash away in few seconds. The Müeller spiralizer comes with a lifetime warranty so use it without any fear and at any point, if you find some problem in its functionality, you can claim its warranty. To keep it in good shape for a longer time, it is recommended to wash the machine after every usage and let it try before putting it in storage.

Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer Review 11

If you are wondering why this spiralizer is given more importance than any other in the market then you must know all these reasons: This spiralizer is made with a smart design which makes it favorite of all you uses it. The gravity does most of the work in this system because the foot of the machine is made of heavy duty material so you will not notice any sideways movements while its operation. The machine comes with 8 different styles of slicer blades so you can cut your favorite vegetables in a new style every time. Make a delicious salad or vegetable pasta and impress your family members with your skills. Do not waste your precious time on cutting board and it also avoids the possibility of you getting your hands injured.

Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer Review 12

The spiralizer is considered ideal for people who are on a special diet for example if you are on gluten free diet or low carb diet, you can take full advantage of this machine. This is also considered as the perfect gift for mothers and wives who spend most of their time in the kitchen making delicious food for all of you. Make their lives easier by buying them this wonderful, useful machine. It will not only save their time but will also help them in making professional looking salads, curly fries, pizza toppings and make them feel confident about their style of cooking.

The Müeller device is not only a spiralizer and slicer but also a juicer so you can make healthy juices of your favorite fruit. The mandolin vegetable holder is designed protective for your vegetables. In this package, you will find 4 cup container, 4 stainless steel blades, citrus juicer attachment, user instructions and manual and an exclusive Müeller spiral slicer recipe book to give you unique ideas to use this machine. The device is definitely a worth buy for health conscious people and mothers who want to make healthy yet good looking food for their kids.

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Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic Review

Lansky produces some of the most recognizable knife sharpeners  in the world. The company does not stop its collection of knife sharpeners at one point instead they keep on developing new and innovative sharpeners which attract more and more customers. The amazing sharpeners manufactured by Lansky sharpeners are perfect to be used in every situation. You can take them along with you on camping or hiking or to any outdoor sports. Lets take a look at the Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The Blademedic knife sharpener is good to sharpen blades of all types of knives. It is a universal type of knife sharpener so you can use the same sharpener for any type of knife or blade you may have. So you do not have to worry about buying different types of sharpeners for different knives you have. Just consider it a whole kit of blade sharpeners in your bag and it will perform the task for you when you need it at some point. This Lansky sharpener is ideal to work with gut hooks, serrated blades, plane blades, fishing knives, hunting knives and any other type of knife you may have. So if you are planning to go on a camping trip and you have to go for fishing, hunting, and hiking, you will have many different types of blades and knives. Just owning one of this special Lansky sharpener will help you in all of these circumstances.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic Review 13

This universal knife sharpener is 4.2 ounces in weight. Its serrated knife sharpener is perfectly designed to get any size of the serrated knife inside it. There is no doubt in the fact that a dull and unsharpened knife is very irritating to work with. Imagine you are on a camping trip and your hunted animal is ready to be barbecued but this dull knife is causing the delay. You would desperately need a blademedic knife sharpener in such a situation to sharpen your knife and get going with your task. When you have a knife sharpener, you must also know how to sharpen a knife well to get a better result. You need to first put the knife inside the clamp, assemble hones and can start sharpening right away.

Lansky knife sharpeners are the most reasonable ones and if you have sets of different knives, this is a must tool to have. The Tungsten carbide of this knife sharpener is ideal for knife sharpening and will do the task in the minimum amount of time. Only 3 or four strokes of your knife on this sharpener will restore your blade. With traditional knife sharpeners, you would have to keep sharpening the blade for a longer time but Lansky knife sharpener will save your time and energy as well.

The ceramic sharpening rods of the Lansky Blademedic sharpener is the best one which will perform the task for you. As far as the weight of the sharpener is concerned, it is not much heavy so you can easily hold your knife and the sharpener in your hand and will share your burden. It is also important to know which side of this sharpener you are supposed to use with your type of knife. If you have a straight knife, you must only use metal carbide V and drag the blade of your knife up and down for 4 – 8 times and then repeat the process with ceramic white V and you will have a well-sharpened knife. For a serrated knife, you must use a diamond taper and ceramic white V. For a dull serrated tooth, you must use metal rod first by treating every tooth individually and dragging the rod at an angle starting from thicker part to the tip of the serrated tooth.

This sharpener is not only good for all types of steel knives but you can you also use it to sharpen your scissors. Thus for any possible knife, you may have in your home or at work, this sharpener is worth buying for.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic
Price: $10.98
You Save: $4.65 (30%)
Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic Review 14
Price Disclaimer

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Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Granton Edge Knife Review

Mercer culinary is already known for its wonderful cutlery which professional has been using all around the world. With the Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Chef Knife they uped the game. Good cutlery is very much required for a good kitchen experience so if you are planning to start cooking, better have this Mercer Culinary cutlery for yourself. This cutlery brand has been in the cutlery industry since more than 30 years and people have been using and admiring them since then.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Forged Chef's Granton Edge Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Forged Chef’s Granton Edge knife is one of the most admired professional knife. The handle of the knife is made up of ergonomic Santoprene which offers maximum grip. You will not feel your hands slipping while you are cutting meat or vegetables. Usually, people try to avoid such sharp knives in their kitchen because they are afraid to get themselves hurt. Do not worry about the Granton Edge knife being slipped away from your hands even when they are wet while working in the kitchen because its handle is designed especially for such situations.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Granton Edge Knife Review 15

This professional knife is great to bear hot and cold temperature and you will not observe any change in its functionality with the change in temperature. The size of the knife is quite ideal like any other professional knife which chefs prefer in their kitchen. It is 12 x 4 inches in size and you will find it quite suitable for your hands. The material used for making this knife is precision forged German steel which is sharp as well as shiny to give beautiful look to your kitchen cutlery. There is a special bolster at the end of the handle and beginning of knife which gives good grip and balance to the knife’s holder.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Granton Edge Knife Review 16

The Granton Edge knife is quite ideal for people who like old style cutting but want something modern as well. This knife is a combination of old and modern style craftsmanship. The German steel used in the making of this beautiful knife makes sure that it leaves no stains or watermark after use and wash. You can easily wash it after usage just with water and if you prefer you can wash it with your dishwashing sponge. Unlike any other knives, you do not have to worry about replacing it with a new knife because it is durable and long-lasting. The material used in the making of this knife does not catch rust or corrosion and will never lose its color after many years of usage.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Granton Edge Knife Review 17

If you are looking for a professional’s knife which offers better grip and has good strength, this knife is the answer to your questions. The handle used with this knife is unbreakable even when it is exposed to kitchen oils and after falling from the kitchen shelf. If you are a safety conscious person, you must know about NFS who check the kitchen and other domestic appliances and issue safety certification. If a tool is not safe enough to be used, this global provider of health and safety will never issue their certificate to them. All cutleries by Mercer culinary are proudly NFS certified so you can use them without any confusion.

Once you have got this knife in your kitchen, you must take proper care of it so it performs ideally for a longer time. It is always recommended to not wash your cutlery in the dishwashing machine as extreme hot water and excess soap can damage its usage. The handle of the knife can also lose its grip because of being exposed to very hot water. It is recommended to wash it under running water with soap. Once you have washed it, always dry it with a towel in order to avoid any water marks.

You should not leave knives in chlorine bleach water for a longer time as it can cause the blade to lose its natural colour and shine. Always store your cutlery in special cutlery box so it does not damage any of your other utensils and will also prevent any accidental injury.

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Pulled Pork Shredder Claws Review

Cave tools are considered one of the best manufacturers of kitchen tools and especially BBQ tools. Their pulled pork shredder claws are getting famous all over the world. The tool is useful and very easy to use as even a person who is doing BBQ for the first time can take advantage of that. If you are a BBQ lover, you must have used those regular BBQ forks. They are used to change sides of hot beef, chicken or turkey when they are placed on the flamed grill. These regular BBQ forks do the task but they are not as good as pulled pork shredder claws for many reasons. In this article, we will discuss all the advantages and usefulness of this BBQ tool.

Pulled Pork Shredder Claws - STRONGEST BBQ MEAT FORKS - Shredding Handling & Carving Food - Claw Handler Set for Pulling Brisket from Grill Smoker or Slow Cooker - BPA Free Barbecue Paws

The first factor which makes shredder claws superior to regular BBQ fork is that a BBQ fork has 3 prongs while a shredder claw has 6 prongs. Its structure makes it more powerful than any ordinary BBQ tool. These shredder claws are used to shred hot meat as soon it is ready. So you no longer have to worry about burning your hands from hot chicken, pork or turkey because these shredder claws are strong enough to cut meat into pieces in few seconds.

Pulled Pork Shredder Claws Review 19

The pulled pork shredder claws are made up of Polyresin which is heat resistant material so you can use it without any fear of burning your hand. Also, you can leave them on the grill or in the hot piece of meat and it will not melt or bend its prong. If you have a look at its picture, you will see how comfortable its handles look like. You can dig the shredder in the piece of pork which is being barbecued while leaving only the handle outward. When you need a piece of meat, simply drag the handle on one side and you will get shredded meat on your plate. These handles offer a firm grip to anyone with any size of hands.
The shredder claws are known for their ultimate design and their universal usage. It does not matter what you are planning to BBQ this summer: chicken, pork, beef, duck or turkey, the powerful shredder claws perform their task equally good on all of them. You will receive two of the shredder claws in one order which makes them perfect to grip any size of meat. You can dig both of these claws in the large piece of meat and move them from a hot grill onto the dish without fear of dropping it on your way. This tool can also be used while you are cooking chicken or turkey in a microwave oven as you can take them out without dropping it on the floor.

Pulled Pork Shredder Claws Review 20

You know how troublesome it can be when everyone is done with the eating and it is time to clean all those oily and sticky BBQ tools. These wonderful shredder claws will share some of your burdens as they can be washed easily in Dishwasher. You no longer have to hurt your fingers by using flimsy forks to shred the meat as these shredder claws will do the task for you in few seconds.
When you order these pulled pork shredder claws, you will also receive a free BBQ recipe book “The Grill Master’s Essential Barbecue Recipe Book” which includes 25 recipes by professionals. In this recipe book, you will find professional recipes for kebabs, smoking, chicken, ribs, and sauces. So it is a win-win deal as you can enjoy your BBQ with the shredder claws by making a new dish every week and impress your family members. If you order the BBQ tool now, you will also get access to download step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos by professional chefs.

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The pulled pork shredder claws come with a life time guarantee so at any point of usage if you are unsatisfied with this BBQ tool. Simply contact the manufacturer and you can get all of your money back. Who does offer this type of warranty?

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Wilton Angled Icing Spatula Review

Why would you need a Wilton Angled Icing Spatula? Cakes are needed at almost every occasion. It does not matter if this is somebody’s birthday or anniversary or even Christmas. No special day is complete without a nice, delicious cake. Are you fond of baking cakes? Are you cake lovers and like to decorate cakes with icing and other fondant toppers? If the answer to these questions is yes then you must have proper tools to decorate a cake and make it look beautiful. It is time to order this angled icing spatula. This icing spatula not only lets you do the perfect icing on your cake but will also take more of your burden in making a good looking cake.

Wilton 409-7716 Angled Icing Spatula, 13-Inch, Black

The Wilton Angled Icing Spatula is made to make your life easy. You will start enjoying baking cakes and decorating them in different ways. The most important factor in a perfectly decorated cake is flawless icing. If you manage to do icing without any blunder, you can further decorate a cake like a professional. But a flawless icing means you need professional icing tools as well. The most important tool to do icing on a cake is an icing spatula. Wilton 409-7716 icing spatula is 13-inches tall (the handle is 5 inches tall while the blade is 8 inches long) so you can easily apply icing on the cake no matter how big it is without any trouble.

The handle of icing spatula is made to offer perfect non-slip grip and you will find it comfortable than any other spatula you must have used. The blade of this spatula is made up of stainless steel which is why it remains stain free. You can get it shipped without any extra cost and the price of the product is very reasonable. Anyone who is a beginner in the field of baking can order it without worrying about wasting money. The handle is dark black in color and is very durable and long-lasting.

The blade of icing and decorating spatula is 13 inches tall and 1.13 inches wide. It is very lightweight and weighs only about 0.25 pounds so you will not be tired of holding a heavy spatula in your hand for the long process of icing your cake. The angled blade of the icing spatula will apply icing only on the cake and will prevent your hands from getting dirty. The shape of the spatula is ideal to apply icing on multi-tiered cakes without any trouble or mess. Wilton Angled icing spatula is a true friend of professional bakers as it helps them make cupcakes, muffins and grand cakes for their big orders. The icing on several layers has been made easy with this flexible icing tools as it is made to apply icing on round and complicated shaped cakes.

When you have used the spatula, getting rid of that greasy icing material from the spatula itself is a challenge in itself. Wilton 409-7716 angled icing spatula can easily be washed in a dishwashing machine so you do not have to worry about washing it in the sink with your hands. It is advised to clean it with a paper towel after wash to avoid any water stains on the blade. Its blade is made flexible so you can slightly bend it in order to apply icing on complicated surfaces.

You can even use this icing spatula for applying textured and the rough icing on the surface of sponge or butter cake and you will always end up with smooth surfaces on the cake. This icing spatula made by Wilton is designed by keeping the cake decorators in mind which is why it offers the professional’s finish and you will enjoy working with it than you ever had before. If you take good care of this icing tool, it is meant to last in good condition for a really long time. If you enjoy frosting and icing cakes, you must order this tool today and enjoy your experience of baking cake more than you ever did in past.

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