AmazonBasics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set Review

The AmazonBasics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set gives you an opportunity to prepare meals with speed and unmatched efficiency. The set, which contains 18-pieces, offers you a wide variety of specialty knives. It is able to meet all your meal preparation needs. Their blades cut with ease and their handles are comfortable to hold. What more, their design is attractive not to mention the nice block, which holds the entire set. Below are its main features:

18-piece knife set

When you buy this set, you are treated to a number of knives including an 8” slicing knife, 8” chef’s knife, 8” bread, 7” santoku, 3.5” paring knife together with a 6” boning knife. The package also comes with kitchen shears, a sharpener as well as a block, for holding the pieces. With all these knives, you can prepare various foods, with much precision and efficiency.

Fine-edge blades

The blades feature fine edges, intelligently tapered for exceptional cutting. No matter what you are working on, you will love how the knives cut through the item. You will love them, when you are slicing or chopping items, for making salads or garnishing. They function with great precision, producing well-trimmed pieces.

High-quality stainless steel blades

The knives have stainless steel blades. It is important that you know that the blades are not coated with stainless steel, neither do they contain another material. On the contrary, they are made of 100% steel. Therefore, they are durable to handle pressure and regular sharpening. Besides, stainless steel is also responsible for the fine sharp edges. Being stainless, the blades are protected from rusting, and they are not stained easily. The blades’ smooth surface, makes cleaning easy.

Weighted knife set

The knives are weighted, to ensure total control and balance. Both the blades and the handles are in harmony with each other. While the blades are sturdy, they allow you to handle the knives with ease but still have maximum control over the steak or veggies.

Ergonomic handles

The handles are ergonomically designed to make you feel comfortable when you are using the knife. They also ensure safety by offering a firm grip. This way, your hands remain on the handle, as you cut the steak or fruits. The triple-riveted handles are a great selling feature for the AmazonBasics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set.

Hand wash only

It is tempting to throw everything in the kitchen into the dishwasher. However, make sure that your AmazonBasics knife set does not get there. The stainless steel blades do not attract much dirt. Therefore, it will clean easily. Simply prepare warm water and add detergent, then use the solution, to wash the knives.

AmazonBasics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set can be a great set for your kitchen. It can also be appropriate for people with commercial kitchens. It is an economy pack, which brings you a wide range of knives at one price. The set also comes with a block for great storage. It helps you to keep the knives at a place where your kids will not reach them and where you can find them easily.

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