Best Kitchen Knives Guide 2019 & Kitchen Knife Reviews

Preparing the perfect meal can be a relaxing & enjoyable experience if you have the best kitchen knives & other kitchen tools on hand. Whether cooking for family, friends, customers or others – a quality kitchen knife set could be considered the cornerstone of the whole process. The end result should be just as tasty as imagined – with fruits, vegetable & meats perfectly sliced from as thin as paper to whatever thickness is required. Choosing the best kitchen knives can seem overwhelming due to the vast choices of styles, colors, materials and countless other options available. To simplify that process, considerable research has gone into creating this list of the ten best kitchen knife sets (and other forms of cutlery) in hopes that you’ll be able to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knives 2018

J.A. Henckels International Eversharp Pro 3-pc Starter Knife Set

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Eversharp Pro 3-pc Starter Knife Set

The J.A. Henckels International Eversharp pro 3 piece starter knife set is one of the best kitchen knives for starters. The knives are made of German high carbon stainless steel that never needs sharpening so you will spend less time having to maintain them. Germany is famous for their knives and this company has been in the industry for close to one hundred years so you can feel confident in the fact that they know exactly what they are doing and are passionate about their chosen craft. The knives have an ergonomic plastic direct injected handle with soft-touch rubber coating and gripping dots. This makes them feel great when places in the palm of your hands when you are ready to prepare food for your family in your home. Also, they are easy to clean, odors don’t transfer after rinsing, never oxidize and never change the taste of your food which is great when you are cooking a variety of foods together. When you look at this set, you will not believe the sticker price and every guest that comes to your home will think you bought high-end prestigious chef knives.

Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set

Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set

The Cuisinart Advantage 12 Piece Knife Set is currently one of the best sets of kitchen knives on the market for beginners as well as seasoned chefs. The included knives all feature high-quality stainless steel blades which offer excellent slicing ability yet are exceptionally easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating on each blade. The unique color coding of each knife in the set greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination, especially if preparing a variety of foods in your kitchen. Also included are matching blade guards to ensure safety from accidents as well as keeping the blades sharp while not in use. Ergonomic handles are becoming more common on more than just the most expensive knives, but these might somehow feel almost like they were custom made just for you. The set contains the commonly used chef knife, slicing knife, serrated bread Knife and paring knife, but also includes the increasingly popular Santoku knife along with a handy utility knife with unlimited uses. The value of this low-priced set is hard to beat and they would look great in nearly any kitchen!

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set

The Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16 piece block knife set is one of the biggest best kitchen knives on the market. The knives are forged to be precision sharp providing you with the best cutting experience possible. Their full metal tang provides added strength, balance, and control for the discerning consumer who will only settle for the best kind of product. I think this set is the full package because it is designed to ensure every task is accounted for in your kitchen or for outdoor use when you want to grill different types of meats in your backyard for your family and friends. Also, the set comes with a nonslip ultra soft textured comfortable handle that will fit in your hands like it was always meant to be there. Lastly, it has a razor edge that allows for easy and precise slicing and dicing no matter what you cut through in the kitchen for your family. If you love cooking, then this is the knife set for you because it will make you feel like a professional chef. You will also receive a limited warranty that covers defective products do your investment will be safe. You will not regret this purchase and although it is a bit expensive, once you use it you will understand that you get what you pay for when it comes to the best products.

Chicago Cutlery Stainless Steel 18-Piece Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set

The Chicago Cutlery fusion forged 18 piece block set is one of the best kitchen knives when it comes to stainless steel finishes. They are made of professional high carbon stainless steel with forged blades that have comfortable poly handles that will make you feel like the knife was meant for you. They won’t brown or discolor foods or transfer a metallic taste or smell so you will not have to worry about these types of issues which other knives can cause. Also, they are rust proof, stain proof, and germ resistant. This set is great for anyone looking to brighten up their kitchen with great quality knives. They are made in America so you will feel very patriotic when you make this purchase knowing you supported your countries economy. This is a huge reason why I purchased them for my cousin and she praises me for it every time I see her on family occasions.

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chefs Knife

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chefs Knife

Although not actually a full knife set, the Victorinox Fibrox 8 Inch Chef’s Knife is capable of replacing many knives as one of the very best kitchen knives on the market. The high carbon stainless steel blade provides maximum sharpness and edge retention. Each individual blade is conical ground lengthwise and crosswise for maximum cutting effectiveness and then laser tested to ensure razor sharp slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing. The ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle is non-slip and fits well in any sized hand, minimizing wrist strain. Though nearly the price of other full knife sets, this professional quality chef’s knife is truly made for any situation and competes with options costing many times as much. Professionals have often trusted this specific model for years in hotel and restaurant kitchens – but it proves equally useful in a home kitchen while crafting memorable meals with family and friends. As with any Victorinox Swiss Army product, this knife comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees superior quality.

Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

The Checkered Chef ceramic kitchen knife set is a treat to have in your home. As far as the best kitchen knives list goes, this is definitely one of my favorites. They have extremely sharp blades for precision cutting that can slice through tomatoes with ease. Ceramic blades are impervious to acids, juices, oils, and salts leaving no metallic taste whatsoever while helping to maintain the freshness of your food.There will be no need to sharpen your knives because they will be sharp for years to come without having to maintain them. Lastly, I have always felt using these knives is the healthy and safe way to cut. The ceramic blades do not corrode or rust and resist bacteria so your loved ones don’t get sick from anything you cook in the kitchen. If you are looking for only the best ceramic knives, this is the set you need in your home when preparing and cooking meals for your family in your home.

AmazonBasics 14-Piece Knife Set with Block

AmazonBasics 14-Piece Knife Set with Block

Amazon has gone all out for the Amazon Basics 14 piece knife set. Not only is it one of the nicest best kitchen knives on the market, it is also very affordable for such a big set with 5-star ratings across the board. They won’t brown foods or transfer a metallic taste or smell so you will not have to worry about these types of issues other knives cause. Also, they are rust proof, stain proof, and germ resistant. This set is great for anyone looking to brighten up their kitchen with great quality knives. They are made in America so you will feel very patriotic when you make this purchase knowing you supported your countries economy. This is a huge reason why I purchased them for my cousin and she praises me for it every time I see her on family occasions. If you are on a budget, do not hesitate to make this purchase and save big money while getting a fantastic knife set with a block in return.

Utopia Kitchen 13-Piece Block Knife Set

Utopia Kitchen 13-Piece Block Knife Set

The Utopia 13 piece block knife set includes a ton of extras that many other sets just don’t provide you with. As far as the best kitchen knives on the market go, this set falls somewhere in the middle of that list and are very affordable. Many people are not familiar with this brand but if given a chance, you will see that this set is a hidden gem. I think this is worth the price of admission for this knife alone. Also, the knife is germ and bacteria resistant with extra blackened ceramic that is BPA free and will never rust on you. I usually never recommend paying $50 or one single knife but this one is definitely worth it. It is ultra light and will never cause browning or leave metallic tastes in any food you decide to cook for your family in your home kitchen. Lastly, this set comes with a limited warranty that guarantees its superior quality or your knife will be replaced.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set

The mercer Culinary Genesis 6 piece forged knife block set comes with everything you need and in a stylish package to go in the most modern of kitchens. The knives are single pieced forged German steel that leaves no stains when used. If you know anything about Germany, the one thing they are known for besides beer and sausages are their high-quality superior knives. This knife set lives up to their reputation but you are expected to pay a premium for them. Personally, I think it is worth if you cook in your home every single day and demand only the best quality products in your kitchen. Sometimes it is a good idea to spoil yourself when an investment like this helps you feed your family and makes it easy for you to do it. The set must be washed by hand and cannot be placed in dishwashers. I highly recommend that you purchase sheaths for each one so you can protect such an expensive investment. If you do this, the knives will never have to be replaced. Buy this set and they will be perfect for any kitchen and you will save a lot of money because you won’t be buying those high-end sets that cost hundreds of dollars.

Farberware Classic Color Series 6-Piece Non-Stick Resin Knife Set

Farberware Classic Color Series 6-Piece Non-Stick Resin Knife Set

The Faberware classic color series 6 piece knife set is one of the best kitchen knives on the market when it comes to colorful knives. Color coding reduces the risk of cross-contamination during food preparation when you are preparing a variety of foods in your kitchen. Also, they come with matching blade guards and ergonomic handles that feel great when you place them in the palm of your hand. They almost feel like they were made just for you. Lastly, you can’t beat the stylish conscious hues of this knife set that many of your guests will compliment you on. Buy this set and they will be perfect for any kitchen and you will save a lot of money because you won’t be buying those high-end sets that cost hundreds of dollars.


Different Types Of Kitchen Knives & Tools

Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Best Ceramic Kitchen KnivesWhen shopping for a strong kitchen knife, people may not initially think to buy a ceramic knife at all – but ceramic kitchen knives are actually very strong. Besides the strength, the main advantage of a ceramically coated knife is that you rarely, if ever, need to sharpen it. This is because it’s made out of zirconium dioxide, a substance so strong you need a diamond sharpener in order to sharpen the blade. Depending on the purpose and task at hand, I recommend this type of knife over many other options in the kitchen.

Steak Knives

best steak knife setsWho doesn’t enjoy a good steak? There’s nothing better than slicing up a freshly grilled or fried steak with a quality steak knife. We have a lot of favorite recipes for juicy pieces of beef but often find ourselves sampling the cuts right from the grill instead of waiting until it hits the plate. The problem is not all steaks are made equally and if you don’t have a sharp utensil to cut it with you’re not going to get very far, possibly even ruining your meal. So in order to enjoy that steak you need a good set of steak knives. Our website has some of the best reviews of steak knives around.

Cheese Knives

cheese knivesMostly sophisticated people with lots of snobby friends have cheese knives, but for the cheese lover, a cheese knife is as important as the cheese itself. Obviously the best cheese knife is a specialty knife which should only be used for cutting cheese, although it is similar to a butter knife they differ depending on the type of cheese you cut whereas a butter knife only has one type because there’s only one type of butter. There are a few different types of hard cheese knives, soft cheese knives, and cheese slicers.

Chef Knives

Best Chef KnivesVersatility is the most important aspect of a typical Chef’s Knife. Sometimes referred to as a cook’s knife, there are various styles such as French, German and Japanese. A chef knife in most western kitchens is around 8 inches/20cm long, although elsewhere in the culinary world lengths range from 6-14 inches/15-36cm long. The range of Chef’s knives available today is truly mesmerizing, with prices ranging from a few dollars to handmade blades selling for small fortunes. Some of our most recent reviews for knife lovers have been ceramic options which have been performing remarkably well.

Japanese Chef Knives

best japanese chef knivesJapanese Chef Knives are some of the most sought after tools for chefs and home cooks due to their long history of quality and durability. Even the best high quality kitchen knife doesn’t likely compare to the best Japanese kitchen knives such as the “deba bocho” for filleting fish, nakiri hocho & usuba hocho for slicing vegetables, tako hiki & yanagi ba for perfect sashimi, & the all-purpose “santoku hocho” utility knife style. Whether the single-material “Honyaki” or multi-layered “Kasumi” styles, a good Japanese Chef Knife can transform an average cook to a master chef.

Knife Block Sets

Knife Block SetsIf you’re like most people, you want an all-inclusive solution for your kitchen that saves you time and energy. Wasting time running around looking for various knives and other tools can take away from the enjoyable experience of preparing tasty meals. Being organized is one key to saving time, and that’s exactly what Knife Block Sets are designed for. Whichever knife you feel would be perfect for the task at hand, you’ll find it in the same place, every time. The sets included in my list have various selections of knives along with other tools – all the way from massive to minimal.

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Best Kitchen Knife Brands 2018


Best Victorinox Kitchen KnivesIf you’ve ever heard of Swiss Army Knives, you’ve heard of Victorinox. The company has been based in Switzerland since 1884 and has made quite a name for itself by crafting high quality blades of all sorts as well as bayonets, watches and many other tools. For someone who is simply shopping for a high quality kitchen knife but doesn’t want to scour the whole internet to compare the countless options, it’s hard to go wrong with a quality Victorinox Kitchen Knife or this gorgeous knife set from Victorinox. Any knife made by Victorinox is sure to be of the highest quality which is why the knife brand has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular in the world.

Ginsu Kitchen Knives

Ginsu Kitchen Knives
Ginsu knives were not always called Ginsu – they started out as Quikut. The owners decided to change the name to give it a more Japanese feel and a likeness to Samurai swords and being knives made for their razor sharp edges. You can be sure that if you buy any Ginsu Knife Set or other Ginsu Chef Knife that you will be getting a quality product that will also cut anything you need in the kitchen. Ginsu Knives may not be standard kitchen knives due to their unique features, but these knives will last forever if used properly.

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Best Kitchen Knife Accessories 2018

Cutting Boards

Best Cutting BoardA couple interesting facts about cutting boards many people don’t realize is that plastic cutting boards hold more bacteria than wood cutting boards and that the primary purpose of a cutting board is to protect your knife – not your counter (which is why glass, steel or marble cutting boards are often not ideal for use in the kitchen.) One advantage of of the newest plastic cutting boards is that you can have very thin cutting boards in multiple colors. The different colored plastic cutting boards can improve cleanliness and lessen contamination by the ability to keep track of which are used for raw meat, vegetables, cheese and other items.

Magnetic Knife Holders

Magnetic Knife HoldersMany people like putting their knives into a knife block, but a magnetic knife holder is also a good way of storing your knives and has a few advantages. The primary advantage of having a magnetic knife holder instead of a knife block is that you can easily see not only how long the knife is, but also how wide and sharp it is without pulling it out of a knife block. What is becoming popular are two-sided magnetic knife holders which are great for commercial kitchens and professional chefs. We have compiled a great list of the most popular options.

Knife Blocks

Best Knife Blocks 2016Although magnetic knife holders have certain distinct advantages, there is still something about a good knife block that makes your kitchen look great. The advantage of a knife block is that it’s very easy way to store your knives on a counter. Most knife blocks are made out of wood and although traditional models are vertical which means sliding the knife in/out from the top, there are a few new options which you can lay on their side to make storing much more practical than the traditional standing kind in some situations.

Knife Sharpeners

Best Knife SharpenersMost all knives require sharpening at some point to ensure sharpness and safety. That’s right, sharp is safer. A dull blade requires substantially more pressure in order to cut an object, especially if round or slippery. Control of the knife can easily be lost while attempting to cut with a dull blade, resulting in unpredictable and sometimes dire results. Luckily, it’s easy to learn how to sharpen a knife using a good Knife Sharpener and the process can even be automated. It’s also possible to spend incredible amounts of time and money to create an elaborate ordeal.

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